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CONNECTICOM GLOBAL NETWORK, INC. (CGNI) also known as (CONNECTI GNET) is a leading provider of a wide range services, including Technology, Systems Integration, Consulting, Management, Design and Engineering, Outsourcing, and more.
Our primary goal is to establish, develop, finance and lead business undertakings in strategic industries in the Philippines, India, in the Asia Pacific Region, and other key growth areas.

With the strong intention to be a strong, Philippine-based business house with an international character, our internationally-acquired technology and process expertise serve as the foundation of all of our service offerings.

As CONNECTICOM started as a synergy, it has diversified its core competence in technology, systems integration and management, infrastructure development, value added services, contact center and other outsourcing services.

As a diversified global technology provider we build our reputation not through exceptions but by compliance to high quality international standards.

To guarantee our valued customers satisfaction, our team unites its experience in technology and organizational development to pay great attention to all the aspects included in the project.  This is with the aid our top-rate technology portfolio, quality of service, workmanship and technical proficiency.

We also aim to become a recognized world-class force in the call center, business process outsource and telecommunication industry. And with outstanding reputation, we are on top of our game.

Our mantra is simple: WE FOCUS ON RESULTS, AND WE DELIVER.



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